Can I Get Wi-Fi Upstairs If The Router Is Down In The Cellar?

Most people while installing their router come across a question if it will be able to deliver internet signals upstairs or not. Well, this is a normal concern for people because there is a certain limit in the router when it comes to coverage. Let’s find out what happens when you set up your router in the cellar while you are upstairs and want to use the internet on your device(s). 

You should be able to successfully access your home’s Wi-Fi network upstairs, even if your router is located in the basement. Typically, the closer your computer is to your router, the better the signal you will receive. Most routers, especially those using the latest 802.11n wireless standard, emit a signal strong enough to allow you to connect to the home network from anywhere in the home. Location

The general rule of thumb with routers is that the closer they are to the center of the home, the better each wireless device in the home will work. With a router in the basement, a basement computer is likely to have a perfect signal, while a computer on the second floor of the house may have a weak signal. If the router were located on the ground floor of the house, the signal would be sent more evenly.

Connection Force

Virtually all routers are strong enough to send a signal over a two-story home. When you connect to the network, check the strength of your connection. This is identified at the far right of your PC’s taskbar as a series of rising bars. Five full bars displayed on the network strength icon indicate an excellent connection.


It is always important to password protect your home wireless network so that a neighbor or someone who passes by your home is not able to connect. Many home networks have signals strong enough to go outdoors. When this is the case, someone could steal your connection, slow down your network, and even obstruct your bandwidth. A password attached to the account will prevent the average person from accessing your network.

Improve your connection

If you find the connection speed on a top-floor computer is not as fast as it should be, and you cannot move your router in a central location, you can perform a series of small corrections that will improve the strength of your network. First, place the router off the floor and ensure that it is not attached to the side of large metal objects, such as a cabinet. The floor and metal objects will weaken the signal. Also, add a wireless repeater to the ground floor of the house. Doing so will make the signal stronger in the whole house.

Now that you know how to use the internet on your devices upstairs while your router is placed in the cellar, you should try accessing the web. Should you come across any issue, then you should consult router help providers.

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