Eero App- Advanced Features of an Eero Router You Can Access Through It

In the Eero app installed on Android or iOS devices, you can perform multiple functions apart from basic functions. We are going to discuss some ‘Advanced’ features which are accessible from the app given under ‘Network settings’.

  1. Static IP address configuration: Once you are done with the configuration part of the Eero network, you can assign static IP addresses to the iOS and Android devices through the Eero app.

iOS: Go to the home screen of your Eero app and select ‘Advanced’ from the list. Click on the ‘Search for internet’ option and start entering the details required for static IP address setup.

Android: The process is almost the same as that of an iOS device. Launch the app and select ‘Static IP’ from the advanced settings. Start configuring it with on-screen instructions.

  1. DNS: The domain name server is used to change the server address into the IP address of that phone. DNS is otherwise provided by the internet service provider but you can change it from the ‘Settings’ given on Android or iOS app screen. Go to ‘DNS’> ‘Custom DNS’> ‘Primary and secondary DNS’.
  2. DHCP and NAT: Another advanced feature available in the ‘Eero app’. You can configure the IP address of your choice through these settings. If ‘Automatic’ mode is selected, then the IP address will be provided automatically by the router. If you want to configure the IP of your choice, then select ‘Manual’ and enter the details. If you want to configure the router in the bridge mode, then one additional router is required for providing network service to the bridged router.
  3. Port forwarding: In the port forwarding option, you can bypass the traffic and send it to the single client by assigning the dedicated port number for that machine. This option is available under ‘Advanced’ menu of an app installed on the iPhone or Android smartphone. If you want to create an FTP for the laptop, then add 21 in the port number field to redirect all traffic to the IP address through Eero. For more information related to port forwarding and reservations, go to ‘Help’ link from the Eero support page. All the details related to the Reservations and ‘Port forwarding’ will be displayed on-screen.
  4. UPnP: It is an acronym for Universal plug and play option which is used mostly for the gaming consoles and for the media players to connect these devices directly to the network without interfering with other devices. This feature is enabled most of the time. If you want to turn it off, slide the button to left. This will hide the green color behind the slider switch.

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