Select Best Wi-Fi Channel for Your Eero Network From Available Channel Numbers

There is a channel on every wireless network which allows the devices like router and modem to connect to the Wi-Fi devices. The function of the channel on Wi-Fi is same as that of a channel on a TV. Each channel has its own radio frequency which makes it different from another.

All the wireless devices connected to any network adjust the channels automatically to ensure proper signal strength and communication protocol. If everything goes normal, there is no need to change the channel settings, However, if you are getting any problem, you can change according to the preference.

Learn about 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channel number

This band consists of 11 channels in total in the US and South America

  • Channel 1 is the center frequency of 2.43 GHz.
  • Channel number 11 is at 2.462 GHz.
  • Apart from channel 1 and 11, all other channels work in-between these band of frequencies.
  • If we talk of Europe, it is powered by Channel 12 and 13 which runs at frequencies higher than 2.472.

5 GHz Wi-Fi channel numbers

In this band, you will get a number of channels that those of 2.4 GHz. To avoid any interference or overlapping of frequencies, the channel ought to restrict to certain numbers in the complete band. The procedure is similar to that of AM/FM stations.

How to change the Wi-Fi channel number?

If you wish to change the channel of your wireless router, you can go to ‘Router’s configuration’ and click ‘Wireless channel’. A complete list of channels will be displayed on the screen under ‘Drop-down’ menu.

Besides router, all other devices connected to the local network will automatically adjust the channel and band according to the available bandwidth. After changing the channel, if the device is still not getting the proper signal strength or you report interference in the signal, then you can match the frequency with the device from the ‘Settings’ menu.

How to select the best wireless channel number?

Normally, the wireless connections work equally in all the environment. So, you don’t find any need to change the frequency or channel number from default values. At the same time, we want to mention here that performance and the reliability of the channel also changes with the frequencies and radio interference. No single channel is best out of the total wireless channels.

Take, for example, if you are using 2.4 GHz networks for lowest and highest channel, then the neighboring network must use the same frequency in order to avoid any interference or speed issue. You can avoid using the mid-range frequencies.

In extreme cases, you will find that there is a need for coordination between the neighbor and your network to avoid radio frequency interference.

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