Get to Know Eero, a Router That Wants to Solve Wi-Fi Problems.

It is likely that everyone has already tried a Wi-Fi internet network whose signal is unable to cover his or her entire home. No matter how much money you spend on getting the router that claims to provide a strong signal strength throughout the house, you’d still be able to find a couple of areas where the signal will be completely absent.
However, there is a company called Eero, which is making some of the most technically advanced and sophisticated routing products. This company has a great idea to solve the problem of low or no internet connectivity in certain parts of the house. Moreover, the solution offered by this company is way more elegant than the solution received by people in the form of signal repeaters.

Make no mistake; the products offered by the company are still routers and repeaters. The difference is in the mode of installation and the design of the product, which is quite elegant. The company promises that its routing device will “help the user prepare for the world of 4K streaming.” Eero has already established a strong market in various parts of the world, and the credit goes to its smart design and efficient performance.

Installing eero is extremely easy, and even a child can do it if he/she has the steps. The first step is obvious, which is to plug the router into the modem cable. When you plug the router, then the procedure changes and that’s what we are going to discuss now. After plugging the router into the modem cable, you need to connect to the router with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Your phone will serve as a central unit to easily configure signal repeaters, which communicate more simply with the main router.

Eero also helps define the best areas for positioning repeaters. A smartphone app is able to detect the areas with the weakest signal to suggest the installation of one of the repeaters in that location. Eero app unlike apps of most routers is not for show-off, but the app can really bring significant changes to the device. You will have to download and install the app in order to use the device in a more efficient manner.

The product will be able to automatically connect to the internet to upgrade its firmware for more security and will also make its own speed tests to evaluate performance. If there is anything wrong, the unit is capable of restarting itself, avoiding that annoying situation of unplugging the power cord.

Even the cost of eero is quite competitive, but there is one thing that you need to know, i.e., you will have to buy eero in a pack of three at least because that is how you can cover your entire house with strong and consistent internet connectivity.

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