What Is Google WiFi Router?

Google WiFi is the latest generation Wi-Fi kit, which promises excellent wireless internet capabilities along with a wider coverage area of around 400 square meters. The device boasts its ability to work with the latest network protocols, thus bringing dramatic changes to the internet coverage in the premises where internet signal used to be slow or completely absent. Google WiFi comes in the pack of three devices, which are placed in different locations of the premises to cover every nook and cranny. However, to enjoy the benefits of Google WiFi, you need to pay attention to the setup process because if these routers are installed and configured in a wrong way, then you will definitely experience issues.

Prerequisites For Google WiFi Setup

  1. A smartphone or tablet that is either running on iOS or Android.
  2. A Google Account.

Google WiFi Router

How Do I Perform Google Mesh WiFi Router Setup?

Google WiFi setup is a process that can be done without taking expert’s assistance. Google WiFi router doesn’t web-based interface, so all the changes that you need to make to the router will be through Google WiFi mobile app. Just download and configure the app, and you will be able to perform Google Mesh setup quite easily along with accessing all the features of your Google WiFi Router.

If you are setting up Google WiFi for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the perfect spot for Wi-Fi Point with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  2. Then, you need to connect the primary Wi-Fi point to a power source.
  3. Once that is done, connect an Ethernet cable to the WAN port on Google WiFi. The other end of the cable connects to the Ethernet port on the modem.
  4. Connect Google WiFi to AC power and turn on the switch. As you do so, you will see a blue light appearing on the router.
  5. The blue light indicates that Google WiFi is ready for setup, so you now need to find the right location to place the device where it is at a clear line of sight with the client devices.

How To Perform Google WiFi Login?

If you are looking for an answer to the question of “how do I log into my Google WiFi”, follow these steps:

  1. To perform Google WiFi login, you will have to download its app. The app is available on both Android as well as iOS devices, so you can easily download it from there.
  2. Upon the installation of the app, launch it and follow on-screen instructions until you reach the dashboard.
  3. Check the box corresponding to ‘Share anonymous usage stats and crash reports’ option if you want to share those details otherwise leave that box blank.
  4. Click ‘Get Started’ and then, enter your Google email ID along with its password to log into your Google WiFi app.

How To Perform Google OnHub Setup?

Here is what you will need to set up Google OnHub:

  1. An active Google Account.
  2. An iOS or Android device.
  3. A broadband connection.

Google On Hub Setup in Detail:

  1. The process begins with downloading the Google WiFi app on your smartphone or tablet. In case, you already have the app, then launch it.
  2. Connect your OnHub to a power source at the right location where the signal strength is good.
  3. Power up your OnHub and wait until the light blinks on the device.
  4. Connect an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on OnHub with the other end of the cable inserted into the Ethernet port of the modem.
  5. Launch Google WiFi app because you’ll find all the steps related to setting up the Wi-Fi network in the app.

Google OnHub

For iOS Device:

To set up OnHub for iOS device, note down the setup name and code provided on the OnHub’s base. Then, come out of the Google WiFi app on your iOS device when prompted followed by going to the iOS device’s Wi-Fi settings. Then, you will be selecting OnHub’s setup name from the list of available networks and then, entering the setup code in place of the password.

You will connect to OnHub now after which, you need to proceed with the creation of your Wi-Fi network. On Google WiFi app, create a network name and password followed by letting the app complete the setup process. After that, connect your devices to the newly connected Wi-Fi network. At the time of setup, OnHub will download and install the software update.

For Android device:

Google WiFi app will discern the OnHub automatically and then, it will send a setup code to your smartphone using an audio tone. As your device connects to OnHub, you will have to create a Wi-Fi network for which, you need to generate a username and password as well. Once you add these details, wait till the app completes the setup. After that, you need to connect your devices to the new Wi-Fi network. At the time of setup, OnHub downloads and installs the software update, so hold on until that goes on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: How to locate and connect Google WiFi Point?
  1. After completing the initial Google router setup process, you need to launch the Google WiFi app and go through the instructions to connect the app to the WiFi service.
  2. You’ll be prompted to scan the QR code, which will result in the detection of the Wi-Fi point automatically.
  3. Point your smartphone’s camera at the QR code that you see at the bottom of Google WiFi when asked. With that, your Android or iOS device will connect to Google WiFi.
  4. At last, select your Google Wi-Fi point location in the app.

To identify the location of Google Wi-Fi Point, you need to select the location in the app, as that will help you find the location a lot easier. Once you are done with it, tap ‘Next’.

2: How To Include Additional Wi-Fi Points To Google WiFi Router Setup?

In case the existing Wi-Fi Points are unable to cover the entire premises, then you will have to perform Google Wifi router setup with additional Wi-Fi Points. You can select the number of Wi-Fi points you want to set up after which, you need to tap ‘Next’. Make sure to keep two Wi-Fi points no farther than the distance between two rooms, otherwise, they won’t perform efficiently. Also, place the Wi-Fi point in an open space where they propagate the internet signals properly. Once you identify such locations, power up the Wi-Fi Points and follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  1. Keep your smartphone (with Google WiFi app) close to the Wi-Fi Point. Then, tap ‘Add Wi-Fi Point’.
  2. After adding the Wi-Fi Point, tap ‘Test Now’ to check the Wi-Fi signal strength to confirm if the current location is good or a new location needs to be found.

Google Wifi Connection

3: How To Install Google Wi-Fi Software?

As you set up Google Wi-Fi Points, you will find that the app begins downloading and installing Google WiFi software. This software is important as it contains the latest features and security updates. It may take up to 10 minutes for the app to install the software completely after which, the Wi-Fi Points will restart and the Wi-Fi network stops working momentarily. After that, the Wi-Fi network starts working again and you will see a solid teal color on the LED, which indicates the working of the Wi-Fi points. If you see that light, then you can jump in the air with joy, as your Google Home WiFi setup is complete.

4: How To Perform Google WiFi Update After Google Mesh Setup?

Google in its attempt to make Google WiFi a flawless platform rolls out updates from time to time. All the updates are downloaded and installed automatically, but in case that doesn’t happen, then you can get those updates manually as well. If you want to know how that is done, then you can consult Google WiFi help providers to fix the problem of unable to receive updates on Google WiFi.

5: How do I access my Google router settings?

If you have setup Google WiFi Router and now looking to access its settings, then you will have to download and install Google WiFi app on your smartphone. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, so you can download the app from the app store of your device and then log into it following the steps mentioned above. As you log into Google WiFi App, you can go to ‘Settings and Actions’ tab. Now, you can access the settings that you see on the screen.

6: Can Google WIFI be used with an existing router?

Yes, you can connect Google WiFi with an existing router or modem. You just need to plug the Ethernet cable into one of many Ethernet ports on the router/modem combo. As you do so, Google WiFi will automatically power up. In the meantime, you will have to download Google WiFi app to your smartphone or tablet to setup the device perfectly.

7: What is my Google WIFI password?

To make sure that your network is secure, you must create a strong WiFi password. If you want to change the default WiFi password for your Google WiFi router, then you can do so by installing Google WiFi app. Once installed, open the app, then go to ‘Settings and Actions’ tab followed by tapping ‘Show Password’. Now, swipe left to check guest network password.

8: How do I get my Google WiFi back online?
  1. Launch Google WiFi app.
  2. As the app opens, tap ‘Settings & Actions’ tab and then, tapping ‘Network & General’.
  3. Tap ‘WiFi’ points.
  4. Tap ‘Restart Network’. Confirm the same.
  5. If you want to restart a single device, then tap the device that you wish to restart from ‘Network Device Settings’ option. Tap ‘Restart’ option and then, tap ‘OK’.
9: How do I reset my Google WiFi Router?
  • Launch Google WiFi app.
  •  As the app opens, tap ‘Settings & Actions’ tab and then, tapping ‘Network & General’.
  • Under ‘Network’ option, tap ‘WiFi point(s)’.
  • Now, tap ‘Factory Reset’ option.
  • You will see blue light flashing on the WiFi point(s), which will turn solid blue.
  • It may take up to 10 minutes for the lights to turn from flashing blue to solid blue.
  • Once it completes, the app will say, ‘Reset is complete’ and your Google WiFi point(s) is going to slowly pulse blue to indicate that the device is ready to setup.
10: Google WiFi Support Contact Details

If you are facing issues while performing Google WiFi setup and login or any other process, then you should visit this link to get the best assistance https://support.google.com/wifi/gethelp.

You can also ask the help community by clicking on this link https://support.google.com/wifi/?source=need_more_help.

Reach out to experts via their social media handles as well: