How to Fix ‘adding Additional Eero to the Network’ Problem?

Are you getting a problem with adding an additional Eero on the existing network? If yes, then you need to take some troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem.

If you are getting any error message displayed below, then follow the troubleshooting steps accordingly.

Bluetooth is off

While setting up the device, if the Bluetooth is off, you will be directed to turn it on. During the setup, if the Bluetooth is on, you will not find any problem in pairing the device with the existing network and complete the registration. If you are configuring manually, then click on ‘Setup using serial number’ option from the bottom of Eero.

Multiple Eeros found

It is recommended not to set up more than one Eero at a time otherwise, this may cause conflict or you can say, the on-screen instructions must be read carefully from the app right from powering on the Eero to registering it. If you want to plug all the Eeros at a time, then identify the one which is ready for setup.

No Eero found

If you are getting ‘No Eero found’ message on the screen, then check if the device is properly plugged in or not. Check the Bluetooth if it is off or on. You can check the status of your Eero from the LED given on the panel. If you are still running into same issue, then click on ‘Setup’ followed by ‘Serial number’. You can check the number from the bottom of the Eero.

Eero already registered on a different network

If the Eero you are going to configure is already registered on another network, then you will find an error message on the screen. Clear all the past settings, by tapping ‘Hard reset’. Long press the ‘Hard reset’ button till the light blink. From there, try to add the Eero again to the network.

Poor connection

Once the Eero gets detected, a test will be done to check the ideal location of your router within the network. If the placement of additional Eero is not proper or as per the requirement, then you will not get a strong signal and receive a ‘Poor signal’ message on screen. Go through the steps mentioned online to get rid of this problem.

Still facing a problem?

After implementing the above-mentioned steps, if you are still getting the same problem, then connect the Eero to the gateway Eero via Ethernet. After completing the setup via this process, disconnect the cable and place the Eero within 40 feet from another eero. Open Eero app and click on the required Eero from the bottom of the screen to check the signal strength after placing at desired location.

We can guide you to improve the performance of your Eero Wifi setup. To find the information concerned with the Eero router setup, you can reach out to our Eero help page.

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