How to Fix the Problem of Not Being Able to Add Extra Eero to the Network?

For those who are looking to add an extra eero to their existing network, it is not going to be a cakewalk for you guys. If you are able to add an extra eero, then that’s great, but if not, then you should definitely take a look at the below-mentioned steps to make it happen.

There could be multiple reasons for not being able to add eero to your existing network, and we are going to discuss them all.

Bluetooth Off: In case, you receive the ‘Bluetooth Off’ message on the screen at the time of configuring the device, then you will have to check ‘Bluetooth’ on the device whether it is on. If it is, then pair it with the device prior to registering the eero onto the network. To set up the same manually, you can enter ‘serial number’ of the device in the space provided.

Multiple Eeros found

Make sure to set up one eero at a time, as setting up multiple can lead to problems. You can turn on the eero one after the other and then, start registering them one by one via eero’s official website following the on-screen instructions.

No Eero Found

In case, you are seeing ‘No eero found’ message on the screen, then you need to evaluate the device diligently whether it is connected to the power supply or not and whether the Bluetooth is on or not. You can also check the power status through the LED mounted on the device’s panel. If you find no glow on the LED, then there is certainly some issue with the device. Consult eero customer service to identify the problem(s) and its solution.

Eero already registered on the network

In case you are trying to add an eero, which is already registered on the network, then that could cause problems as well. You need to erase the router’s data by pressing the ‘reset’ button for 5 seconds to reset the device. After that, configure the router again.

Poor Connection

Once you configure your router on the network, you should conduct a speed test to check the ideal location for your eero router. In case, the eero is placed far away from the modem, then poor connectivity issues may arise. You can take the help of eero customer service to solve poor internet connectivity issues.

Problem not solved yet?

If you continue to deal with the same problem, then you can connect eero to ‘Gateway eero’ through an Ethernet cable and then, begin with the setup process. Upon successful completion of setup, you can disconnect the eero and then, place it anywhere inside the house. Now, check the signal strength of the network by taking a speed test.


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