How to Reboot Google Wi-Fi to Add Family Labels?

Let it be a Google Wi-Fi Router or any other Router, if it works slowly, the performance is degraded. If you are facing a similar problem, you should reboot your Router and enjoy smooth functioning. To perform this procedure you can either unplug your device or simply reboot it with the help of your smart device.

We recommend you to proceed with the help of your Smartphone, as you are aware that all the router controls are present on your Smartphone so, you have complete access from it and if you find something fishy with the connected devices, you can reboot it. You can simply power cycle it by disconnecting the devices, which are associated with your Router.

If you choose to perform this task manually, then you will need to turn off Wi-Fi from the power source individually from each room. Why roam around unnecessarily when you can reboot it by installing an application ‘Google Wi-Fi’ on your Smartphone.

 Once, you have the login details to enter into the application, follow the steps.

  • Open it and scroll down you will find here an option ‘Advanced Controls’. Click on it.
  • Go to the option ‘Network and General’ tab. It can be located on the top of the page where the ‘Wi-Fi points’ option is present.
  • Further, click on ‘Restart Network’. Selecting this option will send you a warning by a pop-up message that ‘Your device will go offline for a few minutes’.
  • This will finally reboot your Google Wi-Fi router with the help of a mobile phone.

Now, let us see the steps that should be followed to create or use Family Labels on Google Wi-Fi.

Google Wi-Fi offers you some practical tools, which can be managed by your Home network. One of the features is creating Labels from Groups. Creating these labels will allow you to start or stop any device with just a tap of the figure.

  1. To access this feature, you have to log in to Google Wi-Fi application and scroll down the ‘Menu’ till the ‘Settings’ option.
  2. From here, click on’ Family Wi-Fi’
  3. A screen filled with instruction will appear. Click ‘Next’ to read the further steps. Here, you can choose the labels on your own like ‘Kids’ or the name of your family member depending on your preference.
  4. Once the naming is done, you can now go for the next step, which involves adding a device to the groups. This is a crucial step so; kindly proceed carefully to not to face the server problem. If you miss a device or your device is badly intercepted by Google Wi-Fi, then you might come across connectivity issues.
  5. Confirm your devices before you go to the next page. Here, you will find the devices added up under a group name ‘Family’.
  6. This will now grant you permission to ‘start’ or ‘stop’ the devices.
  7. In the future, if you want to add a new device to the group, you just have to click on the top right corner of the screen. Fill in the details of the new device and save it.
  8. Now, if you have to pause any device, click on the name of the device and open the ‘Drop-down’ menu and locate the option ‘Pause’.

For more information go to Google Wifi Setup.

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