How to troubleshoot denied access to devices and resources available on the orbi wireless network?

While using wireless internet network, users frequently come across denied access to various network devices and resources. The issue ideally arises due to conflicting IP address and week internet connectivity. At present if you are facing the same issue then kindly refer to the following list of troubleshooting steps that can be helpful in troubleshooting denied access to the services and devices available on the network.

Steps for troubleshooting access issues related to network devices and resources.

  1. Ensure the router is correctly installed and is receiving adequate power supply. In case of access point make sure it is in enabled state.
  2. Ensure the network adaptor being used is in ON state.
  3. Try to get the IP details on network adapter released and renewed. Following are the steps for releasing and renewing the IP address:
  • Locate the “Start” button and click on it.
  • Click on “Run.”
  • Type in “cmd” in lower case and hit the OK button.
  • The command prompt will load up on the screen. There enter “ipconfig/release” and hit the “Enter” key for once.
  • One another command prompt will show up. There type in ipconfig/renew followed by the pressing of enter key for once.
  • This will command the computer device to obtain new IP address that is appropriate i.e. IP other than 169.254.x.x or
  1. The router should be power-cycled for once. For this, unplug the power cords connected to Orbi router and connect them back to place after leaving the wires unplugged for a minimum of 20-30 seconds. Turn ON the router and check if the issue persists or not.
  2. If possible try to reset and power cycle the linked computer as well. Unplug the computer from main power source and let it remain unplugged for 20-30 seconds. After 20-30 seconds connect the computer back to power source. Power ON the computer and check whether the issue persists.
  3. While establishing connectivity with the network, users must ensure the passkey being used for connectivity is correct as well as in the desired case sensitive format. Users can also try to turn OFF the access point or router’s security type before connecting to the network.

In this way, users can troubleshoot the device access issues over Orbi router’s Wi-Fi network. In order to avoid the further occurrence of access issues users must ensure that no IP conflict occurs and there is good internet speed to ensure the performance of Wi-Fi network being hosted. Various factors like presence of baby monitors, smart speakers, cable modems and positioning of orbi router affect the speed and performance of the router. So, to avoid such issues one must keep following few things in mind.

  • Make sure multiple baby cameras are not being used under your orbi Wi-Fi network. It is because multiple baby cameras can lead to congestion over network bandwidth.
  • Ensure your network bandwidth is not being shared by the people residing near or around your house. There can be chances of bandwidth sharing if your internet service provider and the neighbor’s internet service provider are same. This can lead to slow network speed which can affect the performance of Wi-Fi. Decreased Wi-Fi performance in turn can lead to denied access to the resources and devices available across the wireless network.
  • Try to avoid the use of smart speakers under your Wi-Fi network. It is because these speakers use wireless network bandwidth for sharing audio files. The use of Wi-Fi bandwidth by these speakers can lead to network congestion that can create issues like denied access to network resources. So to avoid such situation users must make sure no smart speaker is being used under their router’s Wi-Fi. If, required users can configure smart speakers to channel 1 and Orbi router at channel number 11 for avoiding interference.
  • Ensure no loops are being formed within your Wi-Fi network. Network loops are usually formed when a user tries to connect with router through both wired and wireless medium as well. This formation of wired or wire-free loops stop the DHCP server from getting the client IP released.
  • The presence of multiple cable modems should be avoided within the routers Wi-Fi network. It is because the presence of multiple cable modems can create interference. Ideally a router should be configured at a minimum of three feet of distance from cable modems.
  • Router should be usually placed at the central location of the user’s premises.

Following these few simple measures will help in avoiding the access issues over orbi wireless network. If you find it informational and wish to have an access to more such details, then feel free to access orbi support page. For more information click at Orbi Update.

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