Netgear Orbi Router

With the advent of Mesh Wi-Fi technology, Netgear decided to come up with its own mesh device in Orbi. Netgear Orbi is a sleek and stylish networking device that features cutting-edge technology to deliver faster internet with wider coverage. Where a traditional router covers 15-20 feet of distance, Netgear Orbi can cover 3x more distance, which shows how efficient this new router is. The unique aspect of Netgear Orbi is the amalgamation of two routers into a single unit.

Netgear Orbi

What is Netgear Orbi?

Netgear Orbi works like a normal router, whose function is to transmit the signal wirelessly, but that’s not the end of the story, as the unit incorporates an extender as well, which extends the wireless signal it receives from the router. Therefore, the signal transmitted by the Netgear Orbi is much stronger than the signal transmitted by a normal router.

How Do I Setup My Orbi WiFi Extender?

To access Netgear Orbi, you need to make sure that the device is set up in the right way. Here are the steps to set up your Orbi WiFi System.

  1. Begin the process by unplugging the modem and then, remove and replace the backup battery if you’ve inserted one.
  2. Now, plug in the modem followed by connecting the modem to the Orbi router using the ‘Ethernet cable’. Plug one side of the Ethernet cable to the ‘Ethernet’ port on the modem whereas the other side of the Ethernet cable into the ‘Internet Port’ in yellow.
  3. Connect Netgear Orbi to the wall power outlet and turn on the device.
  4. As the device turns on, the power LED will glow, but in case, it doesn’t then you need to press the ‘on/off’ button.
  5. Wait until the Orbi router’s ring LED becomes solid white and then, pulse white.
  6. It’s time to place Orbi Satellite at a central location of your premises to get the best Wi-Fi coverage. The Orbi Satellite setup needs to be done to achieve excellent Wi-Fi coverage and to ensure that all the devices work together perfectly.
  7. Connect your Orbi Satellite to a power source. The moment you do so, the power LED at the back of the Orbi Satellite will glow. In case, it doesn’t, then you need to press the ‘On/Off’ button.
  8. On your Netgear Orbi Satellite, check the color of the ring LED. If you see a light solid white color on the ring LED, which turns into pulse white followed by pulse magenta, then that means, the device has properly turned on.
  9. The ring LED on the Netgear Orbi Satellite may blink magenta for a minute or until the device syncs with your Orbi Router.
  10. As the ring LED of Orbi Satellite blinks magenta, then you are going to see the following colors for 10 seconds, which will turn off. Those lights are Solid Blue, Solid Magenta, and Solid Amber.

What Do Different Lights on Orbi Satellite Mean?

  1. Solid Blue – If the connection between Netgear Orbi and Satellite is good, then you’ll see this light.
  2. Solid Magenta – If Netgear Orbi can’t connect with Orbi Satellite, you will see this light. Place both devices close to each other to eliminate this light.
  3. Solid Amber – If you see this light on the device, then it means, there is a decent connection between Orbi Router and Satellite, but not a great connection. To get the best connection, keep both devices close to each other.

Note – If everything is fine, yet the ring LED on Orbi Satellite displaying pulsing magenta color, then you need to press the ‘Sync’ button on Orbi Router as well as Satellite. If the Orbi Router and Satellite syncs together successfully, then you will see the ring LED pulsing white, which will change to solid blue to indicate a good connection. After that, the light is going to turn off. If the connection is still poor and you see pulse magenta on the ring LED, then you should get in touch with Orbi tech support.

  1. It’s time to connect your smartphone, tablet, or computer to Orbi Router or Satellite either wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable.

Note – To connect your device with Wi-Fi, make sure you have the preset Wi-Fi network name (SSID) along with its password. You can find these details on the bottom or at the back of the Orbi Router or Satellite. Once found, enter the details to connect to this new network from your smartphone or laptop.

  1. Finally, you need to download the Orbi app on your smartphone or tablet to set up the Orbi Wi-Fi network. The same thing can be done by visiting

Upon the completion of the Orbi Router setup, the ring LED on the Orbi router will turn off.

How Do I Log Into My Orbi Router?

Once you setup your Netgear Orbi, you should log into the web interface of Orbi and complete the configuration.

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer or smartphone (the one connected with Orbi’s network).
  2. Enter or in the address bar.
  3. You will see the Netgear Orbi login window on the screen. Click on the ‘Account Sign in/Sign up’ button.
  4. Type in your Orbi’s username and password, which you can find at the bottom or back of the router.
  5. Make sure to enter the details carefully, as those will be case-sensitive.
  6. Hit ‘Enter’ after entering the credentials.
  7. Tap ‘Next’ and check the box corresponding to the statement ‘I agree to terms and conditions’.
  8. Click ‘Next’ again and check internet connectivity.
  9. Once you receive the connectivity confirmation message, select the ‘Setup Orbi Satellite’ option.
  10. It is going to detect the Satellite and prompt you to begin with the setup process.
  11. You need to set the Orbi Satellite’s admin password and password recovery options.
  12. Set a name for your wireless network and a strong password.
  13. Tap ‘Next’ button and personalize the router by making a few changes in the router’s settings.
  14. You should connect your device to the new network that you’ve just created with the new password.
  15. Return to the Orbi router login page and you shall see the ‘configuration successful’ message.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Orbi Easy To Set Up?

Yes, it is very easy to set up Orbi, provided you have the correct steps to follow. Should you come across any issue, don’t hesitate to consult Orbi experts.

How do I find my Orbi Admin password?

You can find Orbi admin details on the device. If you can’t find username and password on the device, then you can look for the same on the manual that comes with the device. You can also find the Orbi admin details on the Orbi official website.

How to restart Orbi WiFi System?

You can restart your Orbi by pressing ‘Power’ button on the device.

Why Can’t I download Orbi app?

If you can’t download Orbi app, then check the internet connection on your device. Unless your internet isn’t working, you won’t be able to download the app.

How Do I Login To My Orbi Router Via Orbi App?

There is an alternate way of logging into Orbi, i.e., via Orbi app. If you have a smartphone, then here is how you can log into the router’s dashboard via Orbi app.

Orbi App Login

  1. Open the app store on your smartphone and search ‘Netgear Orbi’. The app is available on both Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.
  2. Now, install the application on your device.
  3. Once the app installs, you need to log into it.
  4. Make sure that the smartphone is connected to the same network as that of your Orbi. Once that is confirmed, the app will walk you through the entire process.
  5. This app will help you control a wide range of features with ease such as, set up parental controls, check internet speed and pause Wi-Fi on connected devices, etc.

Orbi App Login Fails On A New Phone?

Do you want to access Orbi app on your smartphone, but couldn’t do so due to failed login problem? Then, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to solve the problem:

  1. Turn on your Orbi router as well as Satellite.
  2. Check if the Orbi app is up-to-date or not. If it is not, then update the app.
  3. If Orbi app isn’t compatible with your phone, then use a different phone to install the app.

How Do I Find My Orbi Admin Password?

Are you looking to access Orbi admin page, then you need the correct username and password. If you don’t know the admin username and password, then here is how you can get the login credentials.

  1. On your computer, open a web browser and visit or web address.
  2. Click ‘Forgot Password’ option.
  3. As you click that option, a form will pop-up where you will enter basic information about yourself.
  4. Click ‘Reset Password’ option now.
  5. As you do so, enter a new password in all the fields where you’ve been asked to enter the password. Then, hit ‘Submit’ button.

Can’t Connect To Orbi WiFi?

Can’t you access the internet through Orbi WiFi System? Don’t fret, as you can easily fix the problem by implementing the following steps:

  1. Plugin Orbi device to a wall outlet.
  2. Now, power cycle your Orbi WiFi System, Satellite, and modem.
  3. If the internet starts working now, then the problem is fixed, otherwise, keep following the steps.
  4. Open a web browser, go to ‘Settings’ and then, delete history, cache, and cookies.
  5. If the issue still exists, then use a different web browser.
  6. In the web browser, enter the default IP address of Orbi.
  7. If the default IP address doesn’t open, then reset your Orbi WiFi system.

How Do I Fix My Orbi WiFi Connectivity Issues?

Are you facing issues while accessing Then, you need to check if the internet is working in your home or office or not. If it isn’t, then follow these steps:

  1. Connect Orbi to an active internet connection.
  2. Open a web browser on your computer.
  3. Enter or in the address bar.
  4. As the webpage opens, you will see the login page.
  5. Select ‘Advanced’ tab on the page.
  6. Find out the IP address for internet port.
  7. Locate Mac cloning on the page to fix the issue.
  8. Now, restart your Orbi and Satellite devices.

Orbilogin Admin Page Doesn’t Open?

Finding troubles while accessing Orbilogin admin page despite trying all the fixes? Well, you should factory reset Orbi device using the following steps:

  1. Turn on your Orbi WiFi System.
  2. Find ‘Reset’ button on the device and press it using a paperclip or pen.
  3. Press and hold the button for 15 seconds to reset Orbi’s settings to factory defaults.

Can’t Login To Orbi Satellite?

Without logging into your Orbi Satellite, you won’t be able to use the device to its full potential. Here is how you can log into Orbi Satellite:

  1. Power cycle Orbi Satellite and router. Orbi Satellite
  2. Make sure to connect Orbi Satellite to a working power source. Turn on the device and wait until it boots up.
  3. On your computer, launch a web browser and log into the web interface.
  4. Get rid of all temporary files from the computer.
  5. Restart your computer and then, log into Orbi Satellite using default username and password.
  6. With that, Orbi Satellite goes online.
  7. Reset Orbi WiFi System and Satellite to factory defaults.

Why Can’t I Log Into My Netgear Router?

Are you finding issues logging into Netgear Router? Then, you need to find the reasons for causing the problem. There could be many reasons for this issue to occur such as;


  1. Wrong login details – Make sure that the login details you’re entering are correct because if you make any typos, then you won’t be able to access the web interface of the router.
  2. Internet not working – Another reason why you are unable to log into your Netgear router is that the internet isn’t working. The problem could be due to router overheating, outdated firmware, and modem issues.

No matter what the issue is, you can fix it by getting in touch with experts.

Why is Orbi login not secure?

If you have not set a strong password for logging into Orbi, then you should create a strong password, or else, your network can be easily compromised. To log into the web interface of the device, you need to enter or in the address bar. After that, you need to enter the default login credentials. You can change the default password as well, but make sure to enter a strong password comprising a mix of small and capital letters, numbers, and special characters.

How To Get In Touch With Netgear Orbi Support Providers?

Can’t set up your Orbi device or facing issues while logging into Orbi app? You can directly get in touch with Netgear Orbi support by opting for one of the following methods.

  1. Visit Orbi’s community page and ask your questions directly from the experts.
  2. The company has a contact page that you can visit to get in touch with experts.
  3. You can also consider taking help from Orbi experts by going to the social media accounts of the company. The company is active on all major social sites such as:
    1. Facebook:
    2. Twitter:
    3. YouTube:
    4. Instagram: