What Makes Eero Different To Other Routers?

Every day we use and depend more on our Wi-Fi home networks. Through Wi-Fi, we can access information, consume entertainment and manage surveillance and security systems, intelligent lighting and heating systems in our homes. However, Wi-Fi systems are not perfect, they have a lot of problems with coverage, disconnections, and complicated password entry.

Although products that use Wi-Fi have been developed and improved in recent years, the software used by Wi-Fi devices has not been significantly modified to accompany this development. Many users express their frustration with their Wi-Fi networks

Eero is the first home Wi-Fi system, redesigned to solve the problems of wireless connections in our home. Eero is a system of total coverage, fast, safe and reliable.

As a first difference, eero recognizes that it is impossible to cover a complete home with a single router. Wi-Fi waves do not work like radio waves, the longer the distance and obstructions the connection is less secure. Eero solves this problem by using a single hardware device that must be placed in multiple locations in the house. With three units, an average-sized house can be covered with good internet connectivity. However, for bigger houses, more units can be installed.

The configuration is very simple, you just have to connect the first unit to the existing internet cable or to a DSL modem; the others should only be connected to power outputs. All will connect to each other automatically, generating a network that will cover the entire house.

The system also offers other interesting tools, such as the possibility of knowing the use of the network in detail: knowing what is the bandwidth consumed by each device, and how is the performance of your Internet service. And if there is a problem, the eero system will fix itself, restarting the system when necessary.

The One-tap guest access tool allows you to share your Wi-Fi network with visits easily. You can send the network login to your visits by sending a text message directly from your phone. If these users use the eero app, they can be added to the network safely by touching only one button, if you need to enter the password.

Eero has a very clean, white design that can be placed anywhere in the house. The design has been developed in collaboration with Fred Gould, designer of the Nest Thermostat.

The system also takes into account, the security of your network, along with notifying you when a new device joins the network. The software is also updated automatically to improve system security.

The price of eero is on the higher side when compared to normal routers, but then, it is performing a lot better than normal routers. It is a one-time investment and then, you will be amazed to see how the internet connectivity in your premises changes for good.

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