Got Wi-Fi Problems at Home? Fix It with Linksys Velop

On different occasions, we have talked about the possibilities we find in the market when it comes to improving Wi-Fi connectivity at home. Whether using a few simple steps or tips, improving the placement of the router or using some applications, we can solve our network problems.

Without this, it is not enough that we may have to go to the cash register or acquire a new router to manage our network or obtain a network extender. In addition, if we are going to choose to buy new hardware, this solution that they provide from Linksys may be an alternative.

Under the name of Linksys Velop, the firm offers a modular system that aims to make the Wi-Fi network reach every corner of the house. It is a device or rather, several devices that can serve at the same time as a router, network extender or access point.

All devices are tri-band and are easily configured by the user for which they have a specific application available on iOS and Android called Linksys. For this, we use the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone that will communicate with each of the devices, also offering information on consumption, users connected to the hierarchy of the different devices.

Different triband units that play with the MU-MIMO specification to transmit in the 5GHz bands of which it has two of up to 867Mbps each and the 2.4GHz band of up to 400Mbps. Moreover, the three bands? Simple, because it uses a 5 GHz to maintain the connection between the routers and the other two bands are used to transmit the Internet connection to other devices.

The particularity of this system is that several units are prepared by default to communicate with each other and thus be able to take advantage of all the network flow without implying a reduction in power. Routers, access points or whatever you want to call them, these units are equipped with Quad core ARM Cortex-A7 processor inside along with 4 GB of storage and 512 MB of DDR3 RAM along with Bluetooth 4.0.

Price and availability

These Linksys devices can be purchased in different configurations depending on the number of units that integrate with prices that would place them as high-end routers. Therefore, you can choose packs with one, two or three units with prices starting from about $200 for the basic model (one unit) up to about $550, if we buy the pack with three units.

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